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Small End Table

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Here's a quick project that yields an attractive piece to go beside any reading chair. Tools required are minimal, a table saw with a dado set, chisels, band or sabre saw are all you need. You can do without the band or sabre saw with hand saws too, if you need to, and a router will replace the dado set.

Cut List- Side Table, all 3/4 stock

4- 1-1/2 x 24-1/2 legs
1- 11 x 19-3/4 top shelf
1- 11 x 19-1/4 shelf
1- 11 x 23-1/2 back
2- 3 x 11-1/2 magazine pocket sides
1- 11 x 11-1/2 magazine pocket back

Resources For Making A Small End Table

Clamps |  Chisels |  Mitre Gauges |  Hand Planes |  Dado Sets |  Band Saws |  Drill Bits |  Hand Drills |  Plug Cutters

Various different sizes.

Photo 1-Laminate together two pieces of 3/4" stock to get the front legs. Use clamp blocks so the clamp doesn't dent the wood.

If you need clamps click here.

Begin with the legs which you can get from 8/4 stock (2" thick), but I didn't have any so I glued together two pieces of one-by for each leg as in photo 1. Once out of clamps, clean up the edges on the table saw.

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